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Sail alongside the land and the isles....


in a small open boat, close to the water. Perhaps at night, with light summer breezes... That is when you feel close to the nature – avoid the large open waters.

Stand on the deck, look out over the archipelago and feel the harmony between soul and nature......

Transfer these impressions to architecture! - Living in harmony with the nature, with natural, ecological materials. The architecture is exactly where you are.

Let your visions, the voice of your heart and the power of your hands create functional design!

Norum Form & Funktion Architect Studio 

has access to a broad network of professionals in the building and construction sector, as well as significant practical experience of design and creation,
established through many years experience.

Business areas:

  • Architecture, Interiors, Landscape & Environment, Furniture
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Feasibility studies, design and detail documentation, working drawings, procurement, contract evaluation, project coordination.

  • Hulda Skum
    The architect in Nottting Hill, London

    My architectural background is quite outstanding, similar to the old masters of architecture – starting with handicrafts at young age and working my way up to different levels until I became an architect.

    My strong passion for arts and crafts first drove me to become a carpenter. However, I soon realised that I wanted to understand the technical background of construction, and my curiosity drove me to study Building Engineering. I worked on building surveys, project management and cost evaluation for a few years. Having acquired technical skills and a thorough understanding of the building process, I wanted to move on and decided to study architecture in order to challenge my strong aesthetical needs and my passion for arts. This was the last missing piece in the puzzle. I worked in Malmö and some years in Germany. In 1995, I decided to go back to my home town Arvika, where I now run my own business.”


    Designing architecture, interiors, furniture and gardens is a passion that creates environments for people’s needs and experience. A drawing should not only include areas, rooms and pretty solutions - my customers should know that all is reasoned until the very last screw, to simplify the construction process and prevent miscalculations. I am committed to nature and history and like to use traditional designs with a modern touch – this gives a local feeling to the building. Kennet Norum was awarded the SAR/MSA Prize of Honour by the Swedish Association of Architects for Excellent Architecture in 2002. He has also been acknowledged as a Master of Handicrafts by the Swedish Foundation for Handicraft (’Sveriges Hantverksråd’) for his skills as a Building Contractor.



    Norum Arkitektstudio

    Arkitekt SAR/MSA Kennet Norum


    Hungviksudde 1
    Västra Hungvik
    671 95 Klässbol

    Tel: 0570 104 73
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    Mail: kennet@norum.se